• december-2020[1].jpg

    December 2020

    Nivourgonnatouchthis promotion in France 

  • december-2020.jpg

    December 2020

    Zahi in her New Home in Sweden 

  • october-2020.jpg

    October 2020

    Andrus meeting his Lady in Switzerland 

  • october-2020[1].jpg

    October 2020

    Zejdar's Greetings from Switzerland

  • august-2020.jpg

    August 2020

    Moonwalk with his new Family in Denmark 

  • july-2020.jpg

    July 2020

    Epos and Epinus in their new home in Austria 

  • may-2020.jpg

    May 2020

    Esser cudling with his new owner 

  • january-2020.jpg

    January 2020

    Lolita during her training on desert 

  • november-2019.jpg

    November 2019

    Ksero with her happy  new Owner in Moscow starting his new life as a dressage horse

  • october-2019.jpg

    October 2019

    Zanus in a lovely new home  in Germany .

  • october-2019[2].jpg

    October 2019

    Two of our horses 4 yo. Zejdar and Andrus  finished today their first endurance 34 km competition , Zejdar took 1st place and Andrus 3rd place. 

  • october-2019[1].jpg

    October 2019

    Hamdan succesfuly finished his first CEI* 80 race in Samorin on second place, with average speed of 17,3 km/h and last loop with speed of 20,6 km/h !!

  • august-2019.png

    August 2019

    First riding in the land  of Bemol and his new Owner in Germany !

  • june-2019.jpg

    June 2019

    Iago is winning the race for his new Owner in a great style !! See the video !

  • june-2019[1].jpg

    June 2019

    Hamdan did his second CEN 80 km and is ready for * race ! 

  • march-2019.png

    March 2019

    Morandi doing his second 80 km qualification just after few months in desert 

  • january-2019.jpg

    January 2019

    Zavilla, after being a broodmare starting her new part of life in Czech Republic 

  • october-2018.jpg

    October 2018

    Again our anglo arab Ursyn prooved himself as a great endurance horse, he took 24th on CEN 100 km Al Wasl Endurance Cup UAE with avg speed 21 km /h !!

  • september-2018.jpg

    September 2018

    Our angloarab gelding Hamdan succesfuly finished his first CEN 80 km competiton !

  • august-2018[1].png

    August 2018

    Manet enjoing his new life in Germany, working in carriage !!!

  • june-2018.jpg

    July 2018

    Power and her new owner succesfully finished  their first 30 km endurance competition in Estonia

  • june-2018[1].jpg

    June 2018

    Morandi safely arrived to UAE 


  • may-2018.jpg

    May 2018

    Don Kossack in his new Home in Germany 

  • march-2018.jpg

    March 2018

    Our anglo arab gelding Ursyn, exported to UAE, after completed all qualifications , succesfuly finished CEN 100 km in Abu Dhabi Endurance Festival. He took 15 th place for 106 starters (only 20 passed=18,80 % ! ) Well Done Ursynek !!!


  • august-2017.jpg

    August 2017

    Alek with her new Owner and new horse friends in Germany 




  • august-2017[1].jpg

    August 2017

    Our geldings Hamdan and Morandi finished their first 40 km qualifications  ! 

  • august-2017[2].jpg

    August 2017

    Our 4 yo. anglo arab gelding Power won his first endurance competition on 34 km ride!

  • august-2017[3].jpg

    August 2017

    19th of August we organized for the first time in our region endurance competion . 32 horses competed, included 4 horses from our stable ! 

  • october-2017.jpg

    October 2017

    Masud enjoing life with his friends in  new home in Latvia .